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beans sorana

beans sorana

"Beans Sorana" INGREDIENTS:
-- 400 gr. Bean Sorana;
-- 6 7 sage leaves;
-- 2 cloves of garlic;
-- Grain black pepper;
-- Salt;
-- Glass half of extra virgin olive oil;

PREPARATION: Put beans in a fiasco spagliato.
Add the oil, garlic and sage.
Fill the flask to three quarters of water tappatelo with tow or cotton wool and tie it to the neck with a string so that it can not be open.

Putting the fiasco in a corner of the chimney above a little embers that have covered with ash

Always check that no bollano beans and the temperature is constant
They will be cooked when they have absorbed oil
The best combinations for beans Sorana are those with pork: the pork in the oven, a tasty grilled bistecchina and fegatelli.

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