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-- 600 gr. Head of Veal;
-- 500 gr. Of pulp Tomato;
-1 Onion, 1 carrot;
-1 Clove of garlic;
-- Red wine;
-- Homemade bread laid;
-- Oil;
-- Salt and pepper.

PREPARATION: bollono water Salt for about an hour meat choices will leave to cool and cut In strips.
In a saucepan you Soffriggere make any smell that you add the meat. After about Ten minutes joins the wine that you withdraw a lively fire.
It added the Tomatoes, salt and pepper and cook one hour ago bagnando with water or Warm broth if necessary. The Cioncia can also serve on slices of bread Abbrustolito.

It seems that the name of This dish comes from the ancient name "tanning." They were of the ooperai Tanneries, that provided care to wipe away the skins of calves Just slaughtered. Were derived in this way, all those surpluses of meat were Remained attached to the skin and almost always, the tail. Everything was then Made simmer with the smell. Today, as you may have noticed the pot is Is considerably softened. Dish accompanied by a full-bodied red wine Montcarlo.

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