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Collodi is famous throughout the world for giving him a speudonimo Carlo Lorenzini is In fact the birthplace of the mother and the place of childhood of the writer. Three Collodi constitute important elements: the ancient village, with Villa Garzoni Garden and Park Pinocchio.
Three different routes and independent they have in common harmony with the Tuscan landscape and the ability to bring imagination of visitors to Fiabesche and unusual size.
The Park Pinocchio could only be born in Collodi, where the ancient village Has been that of a century ago, with his characteristic cascade of houses From the hill behind the closed Villa Garzoni and its Scenic Garden eighteenth.
Its structure is truly original can still walk Only on foot. Along the narrow streets paved and the houses retain their Medieval origin, we can find many remains of ancient fortifications and High country are at the beginning of the Parish of St. Bartholomew.
The Baroque Villa Garzoni () 1633 and 1652. The family owns Garzoni it was up to the years'20,'900. And ' Also called "windows of a hundred," is a fabulous beauty and absorbed.
Owes his fame mainly to his splendid baroque garden, one of the few in Europe you can still appreciate the forms and structures originate.
It was started in six hundred, along with the restructuring of the Villa, and Ottaviano draft Diodati, was enriched with in the seven statues Terracotta, stairways sull'erta slope of the hill, a water groups Sculptural thousand secondary paths, caves and small buildings. (Visited on Payment).
The history and vitality of Pinocchio are more than centenary. This character With the fascination of the subject yield mysteriously living has gone through Decades without losing the specificity that makes it recognizable and loved by Children, and not only, of the whole world.
Park was born thanks to the valuable work of many artists collective and With the idea in 1951, Professor. Rolando Anzilotti. In 1962 the Pinocchio Park Had become a reality and cultural consolidated in 1972 rose to continuation Park Balocchi of the country, a fantastic designed by Peter Porcinai and dotted with twenty-one sculptures in bronze and steel Pietro Consagra Construction and architect Marco Zanuso.
And 'open to the public every day of the year from 8.00 hours at sunset

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