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establishments termal montecatini terme

establishments termal montecatini terme

The spa Montecatini Terme , are divided into several establishments the Roof, Queen, Leopoldine, Health, Torretta, Redi, Excelsior, and Tamerici Institute Grocco.
The best known are those of establishment Roof , discoveries towards the end of 1300, the curious name derives from a small shed mail from some farmers in the area, under the spring. The first genuine thermal structure was established in 1700, thanks to the Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany. The additional thermal structures were all built in the'20s in pure style liberty, today these plants are the most beautiful and admired throughout Tuscany, in fact, were also adorned with works in marble, travertine and majolica, aggraziare more surrounding environment thermal sources.
The plant Regina , which is located in Via Verdi, is a large building constructed entirely in travertine in whose interior is divided into three spaces, the fountains used in the service Refreshments and residence customers. The fountain from which the mother takes its name the entire plant is protected by a small temple, in front of it there is a huge bathtub with inside the statues airone symbol of Montecatini Terme.
As you can imagine le terme Leopoldine takes its name from Grand Peter Leopold I of Austria, which were dedicated. The building itself has a sober and monumental inside stucco and marble adorn the most. These notes spas throughout Europe are characterized by a source of mineral water that flows from a source placed at the center of a small courtyard in the heart of the establishment.
The establishment of Health has a very rustic, but inside of us realize the accuracy of the details. The spring on which was built the building is near the Cave of Volatiche, the curative properties of these fountains were declamate verse and poems of the'700 and dell'800. All around this plant is an atmosphere of absolute well-being and contact with nature, because the thermal structure is surrounded by dense vegetation.
The thermal structure of Torretta takes its name from a note 'ancient tower in neo-Gothic style. The structure is composed of three sources, Torretta, refreshment and Julia, all surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the park in Montecatini Terme. So far this thermal structure looks like a temple from the graceful lines, inside a beautiful octagonal tank displays if the center of the frame, within walking distance is the circular pavilion, which acts as a cover to the source Giulia.
The spa Redi is one of the most equipped in Montecatini Terme, in fact the establishment of new remake,'60s, has a considerable extent, divided inside of more than one hundred cabins and rooms the different treatments. This establishment is in fact practising very specialized care, such as mud, massotherapy and bathing. The settlement called
Excelsior has had a glorious past, it changed its purpose by Grand Palace in municipal casino to spa. The structure is presented in elegant Art Nouveau, which not infrequently occur cultural meetings, the building is also equipped to care hydroponic and complementary to her. Tamerici The plant was owned by the family Schmitz until the end of 1800, when the company came under new Terme, which restructured and presented the new structure. As you can guess the facility's name derives from many tamarisk that circondalo the spring. The internal structure has a unique artistic beauty, from the Mescita Exhibition, which has a valuable floor and wall coverings with large ceramic panels. Inside a large garden enriches more thermal scenario, which is already in itself relaxing and welcoming.
The institute thermal Grocco , is also called the building of free drinks, thanks to a granting Francesco I de Medici, which granted to the inhabitants of Montecatini Terme free use of these thermal waters. Today, Grocco spas are a place of clinical trials, and diagnostics, which are viable therapeutic baths in swimming pools and fisiocinesiterapia, namely care practiced by active and passive movement of the body.

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