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The Palazzo del Palagio Hosts a few years Gipsoteca , a collection that is exhaustively Documented the life of an artist, which in this case is Libero Andreotti . The 230 works of art were provided by the family of the artist. The museum was organized so that the viewer can learn Clear and comprehensive way all the training and creative artist Pesciatino. The Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti was born in 1992 in exactly salt Just restored the old Palazzo del Podesta said "Palagio. At 2 and 3 ° ° Floor models in plaster following an exhibition in chronological order While on the ground floor is collected large monuments and archives Andreotti Including manuscripts, journals and vintage photos, this donated to the town By the family. 1 The first floor, for temporary exhibitions, allows the Gipsoteca a cultural activity differentiated in time and content.

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