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monte a pescia

City located just above Pescia, has a Romanesque Pieve thirteenth century. The church of SS. Bartholomew and Andrea is composed of a single aisle with some parts in stone. The Acquasantiera is white marble and dates back to the sixteenth century. Church famous for guard inside the relic of the "Santa Spina" Corna of Christ, arrived in Pescia in the fifteenth from Florence. The church is buried musician Giovanni Pacini (1796-1867). Some sources speak of a Monte Pescia as "pesciatini of Fiesole", in which the most noble families built their house and lived there. Even today many of those houses are well kept, some examples are Guardatoia Villa in the second half of the seventeenth century, Villa Chiari architecture eighteenth belonging to the family Strong and Villa now Pult hotel and restaurant.

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