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museum charter

The industry Pesciatino paper in the territory was born around 1500 thanks to the right Territorial position and favourable climatic characteristics. The city Rising on rich water and being at the bottom of a deep gorge receives Tramontana right wind that was used to dry the sheets of paper. Already At the beginning of 1800 the paper industry could provide jobs for 700 workers, from This period new industries began to provide new equipment More effective and advanced, as the Dutch machines that replaced the tanks for The dough with rags, cotton and flax. These innovations brought A great economic success in Europe as to suit to involve our Universal country exposure of London. All this is now exposed to Paper Museum , which is based in Centre for documentation on Paper " Pietrabuona location, which is possible Access Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.30 to 12.30 hours.
u s booking opening on Saturday afternoon From 14.30 hours to 17.30 hours, v guided isite are by appointment only, for more information call 0572/408020,
Tel. And fax. The President's secretariat 0572/476252 .

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