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the planet of christmas trees

the planet of christmas trees

A filastrocca for children and for large children still
Planet Christmas trees
Gianni Rodari

Where are the children who have not
The Christmas tree
With the snow silver, lumini
And the fruits of chocolate?
Soon, soon gathered, it goes
In Planet of Christmas trees,
I know where he is.

What strange, blessed planet ...
Here it is Christmas every day.
But check around:
Trees of the forest,
Festively lit,
Are loads of gifts.

Shrubs grow on the panettone,
The trees of the avenue
Christmas trees are.
Even the nettle,
Not bite mica,
But keeps on each leaf
A silver bell
Dondola is that the wind.

In the square's market balocchi.
A market with flakes,
Each bench lasceresti eyes.
It does not pay anything, all free.
Look, choose, and you take it Vai.
Indeed, quite the master
Did the bow ago and says: "Thank you very,
Return tomorrow, please:
For me will be an honour ... "

What beautiful the windows without glass!
Without glasses, means,
Thus each takes
What he likes most: not pass
Mica to cash, because
Cash there.

A beautiful planet really
Even if someone insists
To say that there is ...
Well, if there exist:
That difference?

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