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History of Pescia

Pescia is an Orange Flag village of the Italian Touring Club for its beauty and history..


Welcome to Pescia, a charming place located in the picturesque province of Pistoia, in the region of Tuscany, Italy. In this article, we will explore the many wonders of Pescia, from its rich history and culture to its extraordinary tourist attractions. If you are looking for an adventure in an authentic and fascinating destination, Pescia is the perfect place for you.

An introduction to Pescia

Pescia, also known as the "City of Flowers," is strategically located between the charming cities of Florence and Lucca, offering an ideal starting point for exploring this region rich in culture and beauty. The city is renowned for its tradition in growing plants and flowers, creating an environment that is a delight to behold at any time of the year. However, Pescia is much more than a floral paradise; it is a city rooted in history and whose atmosphere is permeated by an aura of authenticity.

What to See and Do in Pescia

The Historic Center of Pescia: Stroll through the picturesque cobbled streets of the historic center and admire the well-preserved historic buildings. The Church of San Pietro is a must-see for art and architecture lovers.

The Garzoni Garden: Located near Collodi, this baroque garden is a landscape masterpiece. You will discover ornate fountains, majestic statues and panoramic terraces that will offer you spectacular views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

Collodi - The House of Pinocchio: Just 5 kilometers from Pescia, lies Collodi, the city where Pinocchio was born. Visit Pinocchio's house and immerse yourself in the history of this famous literary character.

The Pescia Market: If you're lucky and find yourself in town on a Saturday, don't miss the lively open-air market, where you can discover the freshest and most delicious local produce.

The Montecatini Spa: If you want a bit of relaxation and well-being, the Montecatini spa is a short distance from Pescia and is renowned for its healing waters. A spa treatment is ideal for completely regenerating.

Tuscan Cuisine in Pescia

Tuscany is famous for its delicious cuisine, and Pescia is no exception. During your visit, be sure to enjoy delicious local dishes such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro and acquacotta. Accompany these dishes with the renowned Tuscan wines, which will further enrich your culinary experience.


In conclusion, Pescia is a hidden gem in the heart of the province of Pistoia, Tuscany, offering an authentic experience, from its rich history to its delicious culinary delights. This city is much more than just a location; it is a journey into the history, culture and scenic beauty of Tuscany.